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Interior painting and decorating

Interior painting and decorating consists of many different types of textures and surface coatings. There is a vast array of products and finishes to choose from, whether classic, modern or of a period design. All tastes and styles, both creative and imaginative, can be catered for.

Decorating Introduction

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Paper hanging

From lining paper to the most expensive designer or hand-painted papers (sometimes in excess of 150 per roll!), you can be assured that wallpaper will be hung to the highest of standards.

Broken colour effects

Rag rolling, stippling, ragging on and ragging off - a unique finish to any surface, be it wall or ceiling. Small items such as lampshades can also be treated. No-one will have the same effect in the their home, because each one is hand painted and no two can ever be the same.


Again, this effect dates back many years. In its early days, it was used as an attempt to conterfeit foreign woods. Many canal narrow boats had doors and panels grained to give them an air of grandeur!

Hand-painted kitchens and bedrooms

The kitchen is one of the most (if not the most) used rooms - and therefore the most 'visible' room in your home. A unique finish can be given to your units: single colour, a 'distressed' effect - or how about a French country style with an aged effect?

'Before' and 'after' images

Before                                             After
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